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Pen-y-crug; How To Solve A Problem Like Bracken?

Pen-y-crug Iron Age fort is one of 27 Iron Age forts within the area that is the Brecon Beacons National Park. Pen-y-crug is a large multivallate (many defensive banks and ditches) Iron Age hillfort situated in the Usk Valley to the north west of Brecon town.

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Brecon Beacons Young Archaeologists’ Club Taster Session

Please see poster below for information on our upcoming taster session for the Brecon Beacons Young Archaeologists’ Club! We’re new and we’re now looking for members! If you have a chance could you spread the word or put up some posters? We would be very appreciative!



The End Is Nigh

Well, I’ve got less than two weeks left at the Brecon Beacons! How time flies! I can’t quite believe how quickly (although some of it went slowly) this placement has gone; a year has flown by. I’ve learnt a lot, only despaired a little and have had a fantastic time working at a place I’ve always loved and classed as home since I was a mere tot!

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Upon The Horizon’s Verge; Forts, Cairns and the Festival of Archaeology

The annual Festival of Archaeology 2013 took place from July 13th to 28th – cue many posts online about thousands of events held across the UK to explain, enjoy and share archaeology with everyone who has some interest in the subject! As part of the festival the Brecon Beacons National Park held two public archaeologically themed tours of special sites within the National Park; we have so much archaeology within the park’s 520 square mile area and we want to share it with you!

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IfA Conference (or; that time I had too much caffeine)

Yes, this post is a little late (ok, very late); apologies! But here is an account of the 2013 IfA conference held in Birmingham’s Aston University from the 17th to 19th April.

A very early morning on the 17th April saw me getting to Talgarth, getting a lift to Abergavenny train station and boarding a train to Birmingham. As I sat on the train I struggled to stay awake (it was absurdly early) so that I didn’t miss my change-over at Hereford.

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CALCH – Rocks, Roads and Riots! May 27th Event

I will be working with Dyfed Archaeological Trust on their Bank Holiday ‘Lime Heritage Discovery Day’ on Monday 27th May; here’s a little information about the day if you fancy coming along!

See bottom of page for event programme.

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CALCH Day 9 – More Snow (the ‘it hurts when it hits you in the face’ type snow) And How Difficult Can This Really Be?

We tried our hardest to ignore the weather – we climbed up the mountain (granted our cars did the actual ‘climbing’) and put on our waterproof and windproof layers, but alas! We could not overlook the weather conditions for long; the gale force gusts were attempting to knock us over once again and the snow was hitting us in the face at such a pace it physically hurt. So shortly after we arrived at the mountain, we left the mountain.

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CALCH Day 8 – Another Bad Weather Day

The weather forecast suggested that there would be as much snow today as there was yesterday, so we decided that we would not risk the mountain for fear of getting stranded up there…

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