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IfA Conference 2014 (or; confusing grid systems)

As happens every time I attend an event, I have the best intention of writing it up during or soon after the occasion but instead end up doing so late. Very late.

This is a brief [EDIT: not so brief] account of this year’s Institute for Archaeologists conference which was held at the Marriott hotel in Glasgow city centre from April 9th – 11th. The conference’s theme – ‘Research in Practice’ – provided the opportunity to discuss research across current archaeological practice ‘as well as highlighting how archaeologists contribute new knowledge to a wider understanding of the human past’ (to pilfer a description from the IfA website – sorry chaps).

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CALCH – Spring Clean 17th March

On Monday March 17th we held the first of our ‘Spring Cleaning’ events up at Herbert’s Quarry on the Black Mountain.

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Dryslwyn Castle – Towy Valley Guardian

As is the case with the nearby Carreg Cennen castle, Dryslwyn sits on a prominent outcrop situated in the middle of a valley. This strategic positioning in the centre of the Towy Valley allowed an uninterrupted view up and down the river allowing the people stationed and living at Dryslwyn to observe and regulate any movement along the river and valley.

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#BlogArch Number Three – The Best Bits

So this is my third article in the ‘BlogArch’ series of posts written in conjunction with Doug’s Archaeology’s blogging carnival! If you haven’t read anything about this yet please click here for a background to the project or click here for my previous #BlogArch posts.

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#BlogArch Number One

An archaeology blogging carnival?! How could I read that and walk away without contributing (albeit slightly late; Alas!)? So, thanks to Doug’s Archaeology I have once again got my blog on and over the next few months leading up to the next SAA (Society for American Archaeology) conference I will be writing little blogettes about my journey through creating and writing an archaeo-blog.

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Pen-y-crug; How To Solve A Problem Like Bracken?

Pen-y-crug Iron Age fort is one of 27 Iron Age forts within the area that is the Brecon Beacons National Park. Pen-y-crug is a large multivallate (many defensive banks and ditches) Iron Age hillfort situated in the Usk Valley to the north west of Brecon town.

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The End Is Nigh

Well, I’ve got less than two weeks left at the Brecon Beacons! How time flies! I can’t quite believe how quickly (although some of it went slowly) this placement has gone; a year has flown by. I’ve learnt a lot, only despaired a little and have had a fantastic time working at a place I’ve always loved and classed as home since I was a mere tot!

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