Middleton – Paradise Regained

Monday January 12; a grey, gloomy and slightly glum morning which hailed in the start of my new job at the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

Despite the torrential drizzle (if there is such a thing) I was excited. My new job – one which will last at least 18 months – is as the Outreach, Education and Volunteer Officer for the highly ambitious Middleton: Paradise Regained Project investigating the origins of the Middleton family’s estate, the area of which is now covered by the Botanic Garden itself.


A gloomy start to the day

After being given my name badge and being introduced to my manager, I settled down to read some of the documents given to me so that I can familiarise myself with the first steps of the project.

Name badge!

Name badge! (please ignore the hyphen)

Over the next few weeks I will be working on education packs and developing links with local schools and networks – I really can’t wait to get fully stuck in. I’ll be sharing some of the things I get up to on this blog so please stay tuned; there’s so much going on!


The dome of the great glasshouse merging into the gloomy sky, with dragonfly sculpture.


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