IfA’s ‘New Generation’ Special Interest Group (NewGen)

Just a little bit of news for you regarding a shiny, fresh and exciting Special Interest Group that has sprung up as part of the Institute for Archaeologists!

I admit this openly – I am going to steal a little bit of blurb from the NewGen blog site as that explains the purpose of the Special Interest Group perfectly – and why rehash what is perfect already, right?

So, ‘The New Generation Special Interest Group was formed in 2012 following a series of discussions and debates by a number of PIfA grade IfA members at the 2012 IfA Conference in Oxford. It became clear that there were many people within the IfA in the early stages of their careers in archaeology who wanted to be more involved with the IfA and play a greater role within the sector as a whole’.

There will be a fantastic session at this year’s IfA conference in Glasgow next month. The session will be exploring and showcasing the work of The New Generation. As such there is a call for contributions to their ‘The Future of Archaeology’ section of the blog – if you would like to find out more why not head over to the blog by clicking the logo below? If you would like to be featured on the blog please email a summary of your project, a short biography and picture to admin@archaeologists.net. In order to be featured you will need to join the New Generation Special Interest Group (if you haven’t already) – this is free if you are a member of the IfA already but will cost £10 if you are not a member. To join, please click here.



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