©HollyMae Steane Price

Llandyfeisant Church, hiding in the woods on the outskirts of Llandeilo and one of my all time favourite places, is beautiful and currently unused. Deemed unsafe it has now been locked up and is being left to its own accord. It is a brilliantly tranquil place to sit and watch over the Towy Valley and is well worth a visit en route to Dinefwr Castle.


3 thoughts on “Photograph Feature – Llandyfeisant Church

  1. Étienne

    It’s a very nice place. Unfortunately the time will destroy this beautiful little church if nothing is done. That’s what happened to the church of a priory which was in a forest near where I live. We still can see it’s ruined walls, but in 30 years all will have disappeared :-(

  2. Martin

    What sort of conservation policy is leaving a presumably ancient structure to collapse? Has any proper record been made of it?

    1. hspheritage Post author

      I have no idea, I’ve done no work on the church and merely know it from frequent visits since my youth onwards. It is my understanding that the church is under the ownership of The Wildlife Trust (see http://www.welshwildlife.org/sustaining-the-wildlife-of-llandyfeisant/) and that it has been condemned as unsafe for use.

      The church first appears in Ecclesiastical Taxation records dated 1291 (see http://www.llandeilo.org/llandyfeisant_church.php). It is incredibly sad that it is just being left to disintegrate.


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