#BlogArch Number Two; The Good and The Bad

Again I’m late posting this!

This is the second installment of Doug’s #BlogArch project leading up to the annual SAA conference later this year (check out my first #BlogArch post for more background info).

December’s theme is ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly of blogging’. I won’t be writing about the ugly; I’m lucky enough not to have encountered anything too ugly during my blogging life. So I shall write about the good and the bad;

The Good

So, what’s good about archaeological blogging? I imagine that this is the case with any topic specific blog – it is a truly great way to get information to an interested group of people. In the case of archaeology this is a broad sector of the population from professionals through volunteers to people who merely have a passing interest in the past. The feedback I’ve received since writing this blog – through both written comments and verbal discussion – have been positive and truly encouraging!

Part of this ‘positive’ is the people I’ve managed to reach who live in other countries; people who are evidently interested in the archaeology of Wales who live as far away as Peru and Japan. Granted, the majority of visitors I get to this blog are from the UK, but the spectrum is varied and far flung (as can be seen in the image below) – a positive point in itself!

Blog Stats since 'birth'

Another positive is the fact I’ve been able to use my blog to promote the work being undertaken by the organisations for which I’m working. Both the Brecon Beacons National Park (to begin with) and The Dyfed Archaeological Trust (currently) was/is happy for me to publish articles about my work on this blog – a great promotional tool for organisations and a fantastic way to disseminate archaeological information to the public!

The Bad

To be honest, I haven’t encountered anything ‘bad’ about blogging so far. The main issue I have come across is time, or lack thereof. I never seem to be able to blog as often as I would like! I count myself lucky that this is the worst issue I have come across so far!

#BlogArch Number 3

I shall try to post ‘Number 3’ on time…


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