#BlogArch Number One

An archaeology blogging carnival?! How could I read that and walk away without contributing (albeit slightly late; Alas!)? So, thanks to Doug’s Archaeology I have once again got my blog on and over the next few months leading up to the next SAA (Society for American Archaeology) conference I will be writing little blogettes about my journey through creating and writing an archaeo-blog.

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To find other peoples’ posts relating to this carnival why not check out #BlogArch on Twitter. All my posts will be posted to Facebook and my Twitter account. So here goes; I’m leaping on the bandwagon only a few hours after ‘month one’ has finished!

So, why are you blogging?

Well, I’ve got to admit I’ve started many blogs over the years. Blogs about, well, nothing in particular really, which went strong for about a week and a half and then fizzled out into yet another dead space in the ether. I’ve always wanted to write a successful blog but without a subject or an aim it always seemed rather pointless! So, once I began my placement at The Brecon Beacons National Park I saw my chance to embark on an archaeological blogging journey (an archaeolo-blogical journey?!?); I wrote articles about sites within the Park, discussions on the work I did within the Park and shared some of the photos I took along the way! I also wanted the chance to share my love for the subject, for the local countryside and old archaeo-things.

Part of my blog’s aim was to investigate processes for the dissemination of archaeological information to the public and to see if people continued to be interested, or whether interest increased after the initial couple of months. Since October 2012 my blog has gathered 331 followers (thank you all!), has achieved over 8200 views and has had many comments from visitors (admittedly, many of those were from friends). I noticed a correlation too – it’s an obvious one – the more articles I post, the more views my blog receives. Elementary really, I suppose.

So that leads to Doug’s Question 1 part 2;

Why are you still blogging?

Well, following the apparent success of my Brecon Beacons themed articles I decided to continue writing and posting. I still feel it is necessary to alert people to the beauty and importance of the fabulous archaeology scattered around the local area. As such, I came to the conclusion that I would write articles about towns, castles, forts and other exciting old stuff which can be found around the Brecon Beacons and surrounding areas.

And to the last part – Question 1 part 3;

Why have you stopped blogging?

Yes, as has been mentioned this is a bit of an odd one considering we’re all posting these articles on our blogs, but it makes sense. Even though I had a strong ambition to continue my blogging I have been slightly lax on the posting front. Unfortunately my non-heritage job and my part time internship (will explain more at a later date) mean that even though I’ve started writing a few posts, I have yet to manage posting anything complete or coherent. I hope this will change soon though!

As I haven’t a more relevant picture to insert to make this post more colourful, here is a pretty picture of part of a Black Mountain common;

©HollyMae Steane Price

So that’s #BlogArch post number 1! I look forward to December’s questions (which I think are out already… Woops).


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