A New Day, A New Dawn

It’s a new day for me!!

I am no longer employed in the archaeology world but am instead working in the bar of a local hotel! The same job I had when I was 17-19. Making coffee is so much easier when you’ve a degree (that was in jest, just in case the tone didn’t come through in text…).

I’m quite enjoying not having to think so much, but I must admit my feet have never hurt so much! However, the good news is I’m getting a lot of exercise and I’m having fun. AND it’s a job!

So, on my days off I have decided I will do a bit of sightseeing in the local area and write articles about archaeological things, likely starting with castles (there are a few!). And having finally got a replacement lens for my camera, I will be able to take lots more pretty pictures!

In other news, my blog is only a few views under 8000 (which is rather exciting) and as I logged on I got a congratulatory message celebrating my first WordPress anniversary! How time flies!

So, keep tuned! I hope I can find interesting things about which to write.


5 thoughts on “A New Day, A New Dawn

  1. rastenfors

    Glad you’re enjoying the new (old!) job – and I’m sure the degree does make it sooo much easier :)
    Sure you’ll be able to get something a bit more archaeologically appropriate, but look forward to the articles and photos in the interim!


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