Mystery Stone – opinions please

Well, today as we walked into the office we were greeted by a fascinating looking diamond shaped stone with a depression in the middle of it. We’re a little stumped! We’ve gone through the possibilities; could it be a mortar stone or is it something else? Possibly part of a door hinge system? Photos below;

Opinions would be greatly welcomed as we can’t find an answer (it may be that the long weekend has turned our brains to mush…!).

Top view of stone

Hole in top of stone

Base of stone


8 thoughts on “Mystery Stone – opinions please

  1. Dr Jack Tait

    Looks more like a primitive bearing for a possibly wooden shaft. The smoothness of the inside might support this hypothesis. I accept the mortar idea a little but this would not fully explain the diamond shape of the outside. The straight edges suggest some sort of fixing system. How about seeking out the opposite one? Only joking!
    Jack Tait

    1. hspheritage Post author

      It could be! It does seem overly shaped for a mortar however, I’d much prefer a decorated mortar than a plain old stone.

      We’ll ask the landowner to keep digging then!

  2. Martin

    There is no sign of anything rotating in the socket – no circumferential abrasion so I think a hinge stone or bearing can be discounted. Some sort of mortar seems more likely, or a mounting for a non-rotating post? What was the context? What’s the pink colouration?

    1. hspheritage Post author

      Hi Martin

      The pink colouration is soil staining from the red sandstone based local soils. The context was someone’s garden. The stone itself is some other kind of sandstone, possibly what is known as Twrch Sandstone (unless it was imported).

      We thought the socket might be a bit shallow for a socket for a post but we won’t discount it and I suppose it could be a mortice stone!


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