Setting up your blog

The first thing I can suggest when setting up your blog is think; think about your genre, think about your blog URL and think about your title – make sure that those three things make sense and you’ll be off to a flying start!

Granted, you can change the web address and the title of your blog at a later date, but I feel it’s important to get this part sorted pretty quickly – as soon as people start looking at your blog it will cause confusion if you start changing those kind of things. Your URL will automatically be set in the ‘’ format unless you opt to pay for a personal web address, but you do not have to decide now! I would suggest waiting until you have set up before you spend money on a special URL for your site.

Setting up your blog

Setting up your blog

After you’ve chosen your URL and your title you can chose whether to go for a free or a paid blog page – I would suggest going for the free account first; if you feel the basic package does not provide all the facilities you want you can upgrade later. I am using the basic package and as yet do not feel as though I’m lacking anything on my site.

For free or not for free? That is the question!

For free or not for free? That is the question!

Your next step is picking a theme; this influences the whole look of your blog from background to layout to text size and style. With a free account there is a limit to what parts of the theme you can edit though many have a facility to change the header photo, text colour, background image and various other parts of the page. Choose your theme to go with your blog – there are specific themes designed for photography, there are some designed for text, some for mixed media! So have a think, plan what you’re going to be doing and pick a theme accordingly! But don’t worry, as with a lot of things on WordPress, you can change your theme as many times as you feel necessary, but do bear in mind that some themes cost money!

Theme choices

Theme choices


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