CALCH Day 9 – More Snow (the ‘it hurts when it hits you in the face’ type snow) And How Difficult Can This Really Be?

We tried our hardest to ignore the weather – we climbed up the mountain (granted our cars did the actual ‘climbing’) and put on our waterproof and windproof layers, but alas! We could not overlook the weather conditions for long; the gale force gusts were attempting to knock us over once again and the snow was hitting us in the face at such a pace it physically hurt. So shortly after we arrived at the mountain, we left the mountain.

So I had some more time to edit some more video footage and I’m starting to get a little bit better at it now (not that that was difficult, really, considering my first attempt!). I also figured out how to create a photomontage;

You might notice that I managed to find some slightly less dramatic music this time! Hopefully the photos in the montage give you an idea of the weather and the work that we were undertaking!

So far this project has taught us not to trust the weather (though surely we should have known that already), that it’s difficult to plane table survey in gale force wind and that it’s actually possible for a person to turn blue with cold! On top of that we’ve learned a lot about the archaeology of the lime industry in Carmarthenshire – something I hadn’t known much about until I started working on the CALCH project.

And we learned that it can be really really difficult; both the fieldwork in adverse weather conditions and the video editing… But it’s fun!


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