CALCH 2013 – Lime’s All-White!

As mentioned in my previous post, over the next couple of weeks I will be working on the CALCH project on the Black Mountain – this will involve all sorts of exciting archaeological fieldwork from recording, excavating and documentation which are aimed at extending our knowledge of the lime industry in Carmarthenshire and at providing information for the upcoming conservation and restoration work. We wouldn’t be able to complete this work without the help of local volunteers and we hope that the weather will be kind to us during our outdoor days.

For the duration of this project I will be producing a digital record, in the form of a ‘fieldwork diary’, of the work that we are doing. I hope that I manage to encapsulate the spirit of this archaeological investigation into the ‘white stuff’ that made this an important industrial location, whilst sharing knowledge and insight into the site.

A little about the location of our work; We will be working at Herbert’s Quarry which is located just north of Llangadog on the eastern side of the A4069. This area of the Black Mountain was a substantial area of lime quarrying and processing for many years and consequently the surrounding landscape has been modified into the lumpy, bumpy landscape that can be seen today scattered with the remains of kilns, offices and other related structures.

For more information about the site and the longer term aims of this project, please visit

Map showing location of Herbert's Quarry

Map showing location of Herbert’s Quarry


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