TAG – What it is and how it went

Theoretical Archaeological Group (TAG) conferences have been in existence for many decades since the group’s creation in 1979. Starting as a UK only conference group TAG has since been reincarnated across the Atlantic as ‘TAG USA’ and has made its way over to Scandinavia as ‘Nordic TAG’. These are events which attract academics from all the corners of the world to discuss and contribute to the further development of archaeological theory.

TAG 2012 was hosted by Liverpool University and focussed on the theme ‘Live Archaeology’ and aimed to celebrate ‘becoming an archaeologist and doing archaeology’. Focussing on a wide range of sessions from public archaeology through bioarchaeological investigation to trapping in hunter-gatherer societies, the papers presented at the conference covered a vast assortment of topics, ideas and experiments which were presented to dozens of attendees over the three day conference.

I am sorry to day that I will be unable to post an article about every interesting paper presented at the conference; considering there were over 100 papers being presented each day that would indeed be a momentous task! As such, I have decided to write articles relating to sessions and papers which correspond to my learning goals; ‘Archaeology and the Media’, ‘Heritage and Crime’ and ‘New Approaches to Archaeological Outreach Engagement and Ownership’ will all be discussed in separate articles with more in depth discussions on certain aspects of these sessions when I feel they are particularly pertinent to my placement. As well as this I will be discussing the session titled ‘The Role and Importance of the Sky in Archaeology’ which is particularly useful for my continuing work with Cardiff based archaeology/art/science collaborative Guerilla Archaeology.


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