There’s blood in your coffee stream?

What happens in an office?

Apart from the fact I’ve been drinking copious amounts of coffee (I’m pretty sure I’ve too much coffee in my bloodstream – Oh well) I’m having a fantastic time working here!

I seem to have immersed myself into the office environment reasonably well, apart from the fact there are so many people here I’m never likely to remember everyone’s name! I’m well versed in photocopier/scanner/printer usage (God knows I spent enough time scanning archaeological records to know the machine inside out), I’ve figured out who to go to for advice regarding work and I’ve finally managed to drive one of the automatic Smart cars without getting confused (it took me 10 minutes to get the engine started the first time!!!). I’m getting my head around conservation and heritage management principles, I’m learning more about the Eastern side of the National Park and I’ve experienced the uselessness of my old waterproofs when it comes to Welsh upland rain… It’s a learning curve and I seem to be doing well!

And last but not least, I’ve worked out which of the toasters makes the best toast for breakfast.

I am continually writing blog articles but they’ll take a little longer to be ready to post than these little chatty ones! They’ll be associated with the ‘articles’ category :)

I hope you’re still enjoying the blog! I will endeavour to continue!

I have no pictures of coffee so here’s a picture of a soup bowl of tea instead;


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